Historical Odunpazarı Mansions
Odunpazarı Evleri, located in Odunpazarı district (the oldest settlement of Eskişehir), are among the most important buildings in the city's world cultural heritage.
Kurşunlu Camii ve Külliyesi
Kurşunlu Mosque is one of the most historical buildings in  Eskişehir. Located in Odunpazari district, it is one of the most popular sightseeing spots of the city. 
Kurşunlu Complex, which is composed of a mosque, a fountain, a caravanserai and an infants' school, was built in 1525 by Çoban Mustafa Paşa, one of the vizirs of Suleiman the Magnificent.
The complex is also known for its art galleries, such as the photography exhibition, the meerschaum museum, the handcraft center and the glassblowing workshop.
Hamamyolu / Yediler Parkı
Designed in one of the most important urban areas of Odunpazarı, Hamamyolu Street, also known as “Hamamyolu Urban Deck" provides an inviting perspective to revitalize the existing street in the dense urban fabric. 
This green pedestrian axis, created using recyclable wood composites, is composed of landscape elements, water systems and a dense plant texture. 
The urban deck provides a modern meeting space that connects Odunpazarı to Porsuk River.
Masal Şatosu / Fairytale Castle
Fairytale Castle opened on 9 March 2014. It's aimed to develop children's imagination by giving them the opportunity to express themselves through interactive games and help them get to understand life, people, develop problem solving and creative thinking skills. The Castle consists of 26 towers, 8 towers and 18 towers.
Fairytale Castle Towers:
• Galata Tower / Istanbul
• Burgulu Tower / Amasya
• Sindrella Tower / Istanbul (Engraving)
• Maiden's Tower / Istanbul
• The Tower  of Justice / Istanbul (Topkapi Palace)
• Ulu Tower / Mardin
• Çan Tower / Diyarbakir
• Yivli Minaret / Antalya

Reşadiye Mosque
The mosque is in Arifiye neighborhood of Odunpazarı district. The street to the north west of the mosque is also named Reşadiye. The mosque was built in 1916 by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet V, who was also known as Reşat.
Porsuk Çayı / Adalar

Porsuk River is one of the natural beauties of Eskişehir. Also known as Kocasu-Porsuk, it is a river that flows for 448 km. The city of Eskişehir is sited on the banks of this river, there is Tepabaşı district on the north side and Odunparazarı district on the south. The river adds a Venetian taste to the city and is called Köprübaşı or Adalar.
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